Frequently Asked Questions

Please see below a list of common questions we get asked with complete answers for your peace of mind. 

If there is anything else that you still need to know then please don’t hesitate in contacting us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I sink my TheraPlate into the floor?

You can certainly sink your TheraPlate into the floor and on request we can provide photographs to demonstrate this being done. Please do ensure it can be retrieved easily to clean, remove any debris build up and also avoid letting any water pool underneath your TheraPlate.

Approximately how much will it cost to run a TheraPlate?

We are asked this question a lot and surprisingly the cost is minimal, at average 6p per 20 minutes.

Can a TheraPlate be powered by any other source other than mains power?

Yes, the beauty of the TheraPlate is it can be used virtually anywhere you wanted to set up. The TheraPlate can be run off three different sources, which are – mains power, generator (example Honda i20) or by an inverter with a leisure or car battery.

A great example of the inverter and car battery can be seen here:

Is there a technique to moving a TheraPlate K21?

This question we are asked a lot, therefore this short video using a sack trolley is really useful to see it in action:

Do you sell Ex Demo TheraPlates?

Yes, we do. Ex Demo TheraPlates are like gold dust but do sometimes become available. If there is availability you will be notified at point of enquiry as an option.

Where can I download the TheraPlate App?

The TheraPlate App is free! This can be down loaded from your Android or Play Store on your mobile device.

Click here to download from Google Play

Click here to download from the Apple App Store

My App doesn’t seem to work properly, is there a problem?

This can sometimes occur if the app has been updated or modified. Please uninstall and reinstall the app on your device.

Can I purchase TheraPlate cosmetic parts from TheraPlate in the UK?

Absolutely. Please do send an enquiry for the purchase of any of the following to keep your TheraPlate in its best condition.

  • Cable Hatch
  • Rubber Matting
  • Levelling Feet
  • Three Pin Plug
Can I purchase a second control box?

Yes, did you know the K21 and K12 halves could be run independently? Please send an enquiry for the purchase of a second control box. The administration team will require your TheraPlate serial number and proof of purchase.

My TheraPlate sounds noisy / the sound has changed

All TheraPlates are custom built, which means no two TheraPlates sound identical. External factors contribute to the sound of your TheraPlate, including the environment it is set up in. A couple of quick checks you can carry out are that the levelling feet are screwed in and adjust the black rubber on the handles.

What is the warranty on my TheraPlate?

Your TheraPlate has a full warranty – 5 years on the motors and a lifetime on the frame. Please see the Terms & Conditions for the full warranty in detail.

The warranty is specifically for outdoor units.

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