Packed with ponies and plenty of other animals, Callie Coles’ life is the essence of country with tons of stories from out hunting and the adventures of Jesse and Merlin. Callie shares her story with us from an early morning start with husband Toby and her boys. So let’s hand over to Callie…

The alarm went off at 4am this morning. Toby was already long gone, disappearing off into the night to tend to his hounds.  I blearily get out of bed straight away, I do not want to go back to sleep, tempting as it is at that very moment.  First port of call – 9 year old Jesse.  He is the harder one of our boys to wake up.  I put the lamp on, no sudden movements, otherwise he will wake up cranky and that is not much fun.  He, luckily, gets out of bed on the right side and slowly starts to lumber about like a lanky, cub, dazed in the headlights.  

“Get dressed Jesse Bear.  Your clothes are all laid out here.”  We have found all of his smart riding clothes, shirt, tie and breeches (even pants and socks) the night before to make getting dressed simple in the early morning.  

Then I head next door into Merlin’s bedroom.  Merlin is absolutely conked out, like only a three year old can be.  Arms stretched up above his head, eyelashes like starfish lying long almost reaching to his cheekbones.  I pause a moment, surely only a madwoman wakes up a rampant toddler from a deep sleep at 4:05am, then taking a deep breath, that is exactly what I proceed to do.

“Darling, morning.” I whisper softly.  In an instant Merlin is awake, alert, he climbs into my arms to clasp his little hands about my neck, laying his warm head gently against my chest.

“Are we hunting in the dark Mummy?”

“Yep.” I answer, knowing this is the answer he is looking for.

“Hooray! Let’s go and get Sparky.” In a moment he is standing on his changing table holding his arms out waiting for me to dress him like a little Raja.

Finally, all three of us dressed, we make it out into the yard.  Crookshanks our cockerell seeing the lights on in the stables starts to cock-a-doodle-doo.  The sound is loud and abrasive at this time of the morning.  Merlin pipes up,

“Can someone shut that bloody bird up, please?” Which makes us all laugh.  He has now been saying it all day. Fifty-eight time’s a charm.

05:45 and Warrior (my horse) Pomegranate (Jesse’s pony) and Sparky (Mr Glitter Sparkle’s, Merlin’s pony) are tacked up.  Off up to meet Daddy and his hounds.  The sun is coming up, the clouds are gold and pink in the sky.  I have to stop and take photographs as it’s all so pretty.  It’s the very best way to start the day. 


We hope you enjoyed the glimpse into Callie’s life and join us here for more soon. 

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