Buxton K9 Hydrotherapy’s TheraPlate Joy

Buxton K9 Hydrotherapy’s TheraPlate Joy

Taking the plunge and purchasing a piece of therapy equipment for your practice can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Sometimes it makes perfect sense and at the end of the day if it helps to improve prospects for the animals and humans you treat, surely it is a win win all round.

To put your mind at rest, we’d like to share the story of Buxton Canine Hydrotherapy Centre in Derbyshire who purchased their TheraPlate earlier this year.

Let’s hand over to Gemma Kolodziejczyk from Buxton K9 Hydrotherapy:

“So, I purchased my TheraPlate during the first lockdown due to a Great Dane named Dorothy who I’d be doing Hydrotherapy with for around 12 months for arthritis and yes, I’d seen improvement, but the she was also going up to a friend’s farm who had a TheraPlate for her horses and she suggested to try Dorothy on this. After around 3 sessions on the TheraPlate Dorothy’s range of movement improved massively.”

Q: How have you found the TheraPlate has complimented your existing Hydrotherapy business?

I was given a challenge for a little 5 year old Frenchie called Tucker who had slipped a disc completely paralysing his hind legs. Five weeks after the accident we started him doing hydro and the TheraPlate twice a week. After his 13th session he had gained the strength to stand himself on his back right leg. So now we are working on keeping the right strong and building the left, but because of this improvement people are wanting me to use on their dogs too as speeds up recovery.

Q: How many of your customers use the TheraPlate alongside your existing treatments?

So, I have 6 of my clients that use the TheraPlate alongside their Hydrotherapy sessions for different reasons. I also have 1 that just uses the TheraPlate only.

Q: Do the dogs like the TheraPlate?

I can see that when the dogs come into the centre, they are more than happy to then go and lie on the TheraPlate. We have a border collie that when she visits the vets, she will take herself to the scales and lies down thinking it’s the TheraPlate.

Q: What’s your top tips to anyone thinking about becoming a TheraPlate specialist?

If I hadn’t seen it for my own eyes, I wouldn’t have believed it would provide the results it does, hence why I had no hesitation in purchasing one after the Great Dane had only been on 3 times and I saw more improvement than I had seen from just doing Hydrotherapy.


The results that Gemma has seen in the dogs she treats speak for themselves and we’re so glad to hear that Dorothy and Tucker are both doing well. Gemma’s story isn’t an isolated case, and we hear of many other therapists who swear by the TheraPlate.

If you would like further information on the TheraPlate, what is does, how it can help or on becoming an IATS qualified TheraPlate Specialist then please do give us a call on 0800 955 2016 or email us on hello@theraplateltd.com.

TheraPlate Ltd Story Part 3 – We only regret the chances we didn’t take…

TheraPlate Ltd Story Part 3 – We only regret the chances we didn’t take…


So, I know you’ve all been wondering what happened next to the husband and wife team from TheraPlate Ltd…

In the last article we left them in Kentucky, USA, shortly after Francesca was released from ICU in New York after having Pip. They were just starting to get on their feet and had become a family of 4, welcoming Chalky the Golden Lab into their lives.

But, it wasn’t all ‘Happily every after’ just yet…

While they were out working hard to create a secure home for their baby daughter, someone broke into their apartment. They trashed everything and stole what they had. And that was the bottom line for the pair, it left them with nothing and saw them completely broke!

Upset, angry and scared, they didn’t know where to turn. Their only option was to return to family in the UK, so they packed the last of their belongings and booked flights for the four of them to London. At that time, they had absolutely no money or food, apart from baby Pip’s formula, but luckily Dominic’s mother had a 1-bed council flat in Newmarket and invited them to call it home with her. Could it get any lower than this? Where would they go from here?

theraplate ltd story part 3 pip on the plane

Pip on the Plane back to England

Where Dominic, Francesca and Pip lived

Where Dominic, Francesca and Pip lived

Where Dominic, Francesca and Pip lived

On their arrival back in the UK, Dominic used his contacts to get a job riding racehorses out in the mornings for a local yard, while Francesca applied for jobs at home. They managed to pull £400 together to get a run around car to share and Francesca finally landed a job! Things were finally looking up!

The only thing was, the job Francesca was offered was at Wolverhampton Racecourse, which was over 2 hours away from Newmarket where they were living. Nevertheless, over the moon with the offer as sponsorship and hospitality manager at the racecourse, Francesca jumped at the chance and accepted, and then had to solve the issue of logistics afterwards. Not deterred by tough times, the couple resorted to getting up at 4am so that Dominic could drop Francesca off for work and return home to start work after his 5 hour round trip!

Wolverhampton racecourse was one of the busiest tracks in the country in terms of the number of races per week and Francesca found her entrepreneurial spirit coming alive. Always on the look out for ways to improve processes and what the racecourse could offer to its customers and clients, her frustration started to rise when she was repeatedly turned down and her ideas discounted by her less than forward thinking employer.

Francesca working at Wolverhampton Racecourse

Dominic and Francesca’s Car


The final straw came when Francesca enthusiastically suggested introducing TheraPlate to a UK market from America, and was turned down again. After she saw the benefits it had and how popular it was in the racing industry in the US, Francesca knew it would sell well over here too.

So, with her pent-up frustration getting the better of her, Francesca decided to email Chip, the Founder and Inventor of TheraPlate in the US and ask him if he would consider letting her and Dominic introduce TheraPlate to the UK market.

Much to her surprise and delight she got a quick reply from Chip who wanted to talk more about the prospect. Francesca was honest with him when she spoke to him over the phone in the hotel that night after working at the racecourse. She said that they didn’t have the money to import them, but they were confident with their experience in the horse racing sector they could sell them and help others see the benefits for themselves.

So, in November 2016 Chip sent 3 TheraPlates to the confident couple to see how they were received and if they could sell them. Floating on cloud 9, Francesca was so overjoyed by this news, she quit her job immediately! Only to realise that the plates would take 10 weeks to arrive.

Surviving on the little funds they had, the long 10 week wait passed and the news came that they had arrived at the docks. Dominic eagerly drove down in their Ford C-Max car to go and collect them only to find there was a £1300 import bill to be paid.

Was it over before it had begun? The gusty duo had no money left at all, so how would they pay the charge? They couldn’t risk disappointing Chip after he’d take a huge gamble on them by sending the TheraPlates over? How would they overcome yet another bump in the road?


Come back for Part 4 when we find out how Dominic and Francesca managed to get the very first of their TheraPlate stock that started it all.


Introducing Killer Queen Showjumping

Introducing Killer Queen Showjumping

Let us Introduce you… to Kat from @killerqueenshowjumping

Kat is a show jumper from the south coast of the UK and has ridden professionally for several years before taking a long break. She is just getting back into the swing of things and we can’t wait to watch her journey with her lovely homebred 4-year-old mare Isla.

As well as riding and everything horses, Kat enjoys filling her blog with articles on her horse’s progress, tips and funny stories from her time in the industry. Amongst these topics there are also product reviews, fashion and equestrian lifestyle, including a review of our brand new 220V by TheraPlate range.

Kat tells us how she feels she has finally found a brand that speaks to her, after feeling stuck between country bumpkin and girl’s night out for years!

Read more about her thoughts on the brand in her recent blog article here.


Black November Deals 2020

Black November Deals 2020

November is normally a dark, cold, wet and gloomy month, and with the added lockdown that we’re facing this year, we wanted to brighten it up for you. Instead of Black Friday Sales being just one day or weekend, we’ve extended it to be the whole month of November!

We’d like to introduce you to BLACK NOVEMBER!

We have two amazing deals that are available throughout November.

These deals are perfect if you’d like to set up as a TheraPlate Therapist, but equally you don’t have to be a business to take advantage of the savings. This is the only opportunity to buy a TheraPlate with a discount this year or in the near future. So, if you’re on the fence, now is the time to go for it!

Here are the deals…

TheraPlate Business Bundle Savings DEAL 1 – SAVE OVER £1000

  • £500 off a TheraPlate K21
  • £500 off a space on the International Association of TheraPlate Specialists® Course
  • Free Delivery
  • Free RCD and Surge Protector
  • Free 37.5CL bottle of Champagne

Total £ 7,995.00*

TheraPlate Business Bundle Savings DEAL 2 – SAVE OVER £2000

  • £500 off a TheraPlate K21
  • £480 off a TheraPlate K6
  • Free space on the International Association of TheraPlate Specialists® Course
  • Free Delivery
  • Free RCD and Surge Protector
  • Free 75CL bottle of Champagne

Total £9,415.00*


If you’d like to purchase either of these deals, please give us a call on 0800 955 2016 or email us on hello@theraplateltd.com and we can complete the purchase for you and arrange delivery.

In addition to these two fantastic offers above, there will be BIG discounts on other TheraPlate items including merchandise and accessories with up to 75% off!

These will pop up on Facebook throughout the month for limited time only, while stocks last. So, make sure you follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see and take advantage of these deals.



*Prices ex vat.

These offers are for the UK, Ireland, Europe and UAE only from TheraPlate Ltd. In house finance is not available on these deals.

220V by TheraPlate – Launch Photoshoot

220V by TheraPlate – Launch Photoshoot

It’s mid-September and the rain has just stopped. It was the morning of the 220v by TheraPlate launch photoshoot and we’re so excited to share with you what we’ve been working on over the last few months!

2020 has been a difficult year for so many and it has changed the world forever. Never before have we seen such turmoil and disruption on a global scale. The pandemic has brought with it a shift that will mean things will never be the same again.

But we can’t let that stop us!

We had a packed year planned out with lots of trade stands at big horse shows around the world, but that wasn’t to be. So, sat at home and stuck in the office lead us to develop something else.

We recognised a gap in the equestrian market for a clothing range that united an urban feel with horses. Two things which don’t always meet, but work so well together. Our new and innovative, tech friendly designs will refresh and update equestrian fashion as we know it.

We wanted to capture the crazy events of 2020 in the designs, which lead us to the very talented young artist, Charsley Art, who has drawn the designs for us. This, coupled with the horse head QR code on the backs of the clothing, makes them something that the equestrian industry has not seen before. The QR code takes you straight Instagram so you can share all your fabulous photos of you wearing the items while you’re out and about.

Designed to be comfortable whether you’re at the yard or chilling at home, we wanted to create something to wear wherever you are. Our models at the shoot, Jade Affleck and Jevan Williams showed the clothing off to it’s best and we had a fantastic photoshoot with them, with so many more ideas to come.

But they weren’t the only stars of the shoot. We had the wonderful Hugo, who is a stunning bay warmblood. Hugo was such a good boy and didn’t mind the smoke machine or the lights in the shoot. I think you’ll agree with us that he’s a handsome boy here with Jade.

We weren’t short of canine company either. We had two gorgeous Cane Corsos, Fonzi and Haus join us too. They added a dramatic element to the shoot which we think looks awesome on the photos!

And we can’t forget, faithful TheraPlate HQ office dog Chalky! He ran in and gate crashed the shoot to become a star of the show.

The full range will be launching at the beginning of November so make sure you sign up here and follow us on social media for all the latest previews and exclusive early access!

So you’re thinking about getting a TheraPlate?

So you’re thinking about getting a TheraPlate?

Okay, so you’re thinking about getting a TheraPlate?

Or maybe one of the alternatives? Maybe you want a combination therapy floor?

That seems like a good idea and it’s cheaper too!


Do you really know the difference?

What are the pros and cons of each?

So TheraPlate vibrates, just like all the other therapy floors… WRONG!!!

That’s just what the others say to get your money out of your pocket and in to theirs. It’s honestly like comparing a horse walker to an equine spa!!

TheraPlate doesn’t vibrate, what TheraPlate uses is Centrifugal Force… you know like those fancy Dyson Hoover’s, or like an Airplane engine.

It doesn’t have frequencies, as frequency is the rate of vibration and oscillation measured over a specific period of time (usually one second). In layman’s terms, it’s simply a repeating sequence.

TheraPlate doesn’t use a repeating sequence, in fact quite the opposite.

TheraPlate uses intensity of motion, such as acceleration, or orbital force.

The dial on the TheraPlate control box, which is labelled 0-100 is to change the intensity of the motors inside your TheraPlate and you can slow the speed right down, or speed it right up to maximize the circulation though-out the entire body.

TheraPlate motors are also programmed to run completely out of sync, because let’s face it, baring a few people, in everyone’s life, that we could all mention, our bodies are pretty clever and would Plateau if not continuously challenged. That’s why TheraPlate, by using a vortex created by centrifugal force, causes muscle contractions in waves which in turn increases circulation (Vortex Wave Circulation Therapy VWC).

Now… we have some basic knowledge and understanding on what TheraPlate actually does, we can move onto the best part.

TheraPlate is physical therapy and NOT physical fitness… meaning you can safely use TheraPlate when you are not physically fit, you can use it to aid a faster recovery time during times of rest, to help improve your circulation when you are not physically active.

Meaning, if you are out of action due to a broken leg, or your horses are in need of box rest, it is safe to use and it won’t aggravate any existing condition. This is all down to the fact that TheraPlate DOES NOT vibrate!

Vibration floors are only advised to be used when you are physically fit and NOT injured, which is why you find power plates at the gym! Where fit people live! Yaayy! And because they work through means of resistance of the muscle rather than contractions of a relaxed muscle.

Q: Would you stand on a vibrate plate with a bad back or a broken leg?

A: No…

So, why make your horse?… Apart from the possibility of causing further injury, it will almost certainly aggravate an existing one.

So, make sure you know your technologies.

Nobody likes to be jolted around, especially straight after surgery, or while being injured, we want wine and we want cuddles, not ouchies!

Other great points when you’re considering between the two are:

  • TheraPlate is 100% portable, making it a viable business or enables you to take TheraPlate to the box rather than a box rested animal to the treatment.
  • TheraPlate has legitimate, independent scientific data, which is in mature and box rested horses.
  • TheraPlate offers an unbeatable warranty giving you the protection you deserve; we also have a customer service team who are always on hand to help.
  • Insurance companies, vets, farriers, physiotherapist, chiropractors and other skilled professionals, love, endorse, recommend and use TheraPlate, but we still can’t help how they all feel about each other.
  • TheraPlate offer a fully recognized CPD accredited training course, so you can become a specialist in the field of TheraPlate technology. We are super passionate about science especially physics!
  • TheraPlate is uncomplicated, very simple to use and works, just as is the technology to understand. We don’t use any of these so-called explanations that are designed to confuse – aka: It’s a load of nonsense and I’m just interested in your money.

We want you to make the right decision for you and your individual situation, whether you want to make a business investment or are looking for that light at the start, rather than the end of the rehabilitation tunnel. We want to make sure you know all the facts before you part with your hard-earned money!

Our promise to you is to always offer you honest, solid advice based on your individual needs.

TheraPlate doesn’t need to be sold, because TheraPlate will do all the talking and the results simply speak for themselves.

GBP, £ EUR, €