Okay, so you’re thinking about getting a TheraPlate?

Or maybe one of the alternatives? Maybe you want a combination therapy floor?

That seems like a good idea and it’s cheaper too!


Do you really know the difference?

What are the pros and cons of each?

So TheraPlate vibrates, just like all the other therapy floors… WRONG!!!

That’s just what the others say to get your money out of your pocket and in to theirs. It’s honestly like comparing a horse walker to an equine spa!!

TheraPlate doesn’t vibrate, what TheraPlate uses is Centrifugal Force… you know like those fancy Dyson Hoover’s, or like an Airplane engine.

It doesn’t have frequencies, as frequency is the rate of vibration and oscillation measured over a specific period of time (usually one second). In layman’s terms, it’s simply a repeating sequence.

TheraPlate doesn’t use a repeating sequence, in fact quite the opposite.

TheraPlate uses intensity of motion, such as acceleration, or orbital force.

The dial on the TheraPlate control box, which is labelled 0-100 is to change the intensity of the motors inside your TheraPlate and you can slow the speed right down, or speed it right up to maximize the circulation though-out the entire body.

TheraPlate motors are also programmed to run completely out of sync, because let’s face it, baring a few people, in everyone’s life, that we could all mention, our bodies are pretty clever and would Plateau if not continuously challenged. That’s why TheraPlate, by using a vortex created by centrifugal force, causes muscle contractions in waves which in turn increases circulation (Vortex Wave Circulation Therapy VWC).

Now… we have some basic knowledge and understanding on what TheraPlate actually does, we can move onto the best part.

TheraPlate is physical therapy and NOT physical fitness… meaning you can safely use TheraPlate when you are not physically fit, you can use it to aid a faster recovery time during times of rest, to help improve your circulation when you are not physically active.

Meaning, if you are out of action due to a broken leg, or your horses are in need of box rest, it is safe to use and it won’t aggravate any existing condition. This is all down to the fact that TheraPlate DOES NOT vibrate!

Vibration floors are only advised to be used when you are physically fit and NOT injured, which is why you find power plates at the gym! Where fit people live! Yaayy! And because they work through means of resistance of the muscle rather than contractions of a relaxed muscle.

Q: Would you stand on a vibrate plate with a bad back or a broken leg?

A: No…

So, why make your horse?… Apart from the possibility of causing further injury, it will almost certainly aggravate an existing one.

So, make sure you know your technologies.

Nobody likes to be jolted around, especially straight after surgery, or while being injured, we want wine and we want cuddles, not ouchies!

Other great points when you’re considering between the two are:

  • TheraPlate is 100% portable, making it a viable business or enables you to take TheraPlate to the box rather than a box rested animal to the treatment.
  • TheraPlate has legitimate, independent scientific data, which is in mature and box rested horses.
  • TheraPlate offers an unbeatable warranty giving you the protection you deserve; we also have a customer service team who are always on hand to help.
  • Insurance companies, vets, farriers, physiotherapist, chiropractors and other skilled professionals, love, endorse, recommend and use TheraPlate, but we still can’t help how they all feel about each other.
  • TheraPlate offer a fully recognized CPD accredited training course, so you can become a specialist in the field of TheraPlate technology. We are super passionate about science especially physics!
  • TheraPlate is uncomplicated, very simple to use and works, just as is the technology to understand. We don’t use any of these so-called explanations that are designed to confuse – aka: It’s a load of nonsense and I’m just interested in your money.

We want you to make the right decision for you and your individual situation, whether you want to make a business investment or are looking for that light at the start, rather than the end of the rehabilitation tunnel. We want to make sure you know all the facts before you part with your hard-earned money!

Our promise to you is to always offer you honest, solid advice based on your individual needs.

TheraPlate doesn’t need to be sold, because TheraPlate will do all the talking and the results simply speak for themselves.

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