What’s It Like Being a TheraPlate UK Therapist?

What’s It Like Being a TheraPlate UK Therapist?

We are currently looking to expand our Theraplate Therapist team! Being an independent Theraplate Therapist is a dream job for many.

Whilst we can offer help and guidance with setting up your Theraplate Therapist business, it’s usually better coming straight from the horse’s mouth… We asked our Operations Manger, Independent Theraplate Therapist and Owner of Yorkshire Equine Rehab Ltd, Floss Smith what it’s like to be a self employed therapist.

What is a “normal” day in the life of a Theraplate therapist?

Weekdays are usually pretty routine now as I limit it to my regular clients as we are so busy at TheraPlate UK HQ (TPUK).

How many treatments a day do you do?

Anywhere between 5 and 10 as individual client visits so I try and group the areas together. Weekends however are usually yard visits and I can get 20-30 done at one site or sometimes two if in the same area. It really does depend on how busy I want to be, I’d be doing 30 horses a day if it was up to my clients!

How far do you travel?

I travel throughout Yorkshire but have gone to Dumfries, Pembrokeshire… Having my own business gives me the flexibility to judge where I want to go and if it will be worthwhile.

What car do you use to transport your Theraplate in?

I initially started with a VW Polo with the seats down and then moved onto a Skoda, also with seats down. These were easy to load the plates into as it had a low boot, but not practical for anything else. I now have a Mitsubishi L200 pickup which is great, but a bit more difficult to load into alone. I’ve worked out how to make it a bit easier for myself, previously I’ve used a wheely bin for a bit of extra height! I got 2x K21s and a K6 in my Skoda though!

Do you mainly treat horses, humans or animals or all of the above?

Mainly horses but the owners always want to jump on too! I do a lot of dogs, the odd sheep and a pig. I also rent out a K4 unit for humans.

How did you first hear about Theraplate? When did you first begin treating?

I first heard about Theraplate in October/November 2017… I was actually looking for a water treadmill for my rehab yard but the more I looked the more I went off the idea. I saw TheraPlate UK and trialled it at home and since then I’ve not looked back!

Did you begin working as a therapist on a part time or full-time basis?

I started on part time basis for mobile treatments as I had a static yard. Slowly the mobile side took over more and more, I was also selling Theraplates too. I now work closely with TheraPlate UK as their Operations Manager.

What’s your top tips to anyone thinking about becoming a therapist?

Don’t over complicate it!! You have to work hard at your own business and client base but there are so many horses, humans, dogs etc. around who can use the Theraplate, the work is plentiful. Being a business owner takes a lot of drive, never take your foot off the gas and expect to keep moving forward.

Do you have any top tips on how to be a successful Theraplate Therapist?

Understand your equipment, do the research!! Don’t worry what everyone else is doing, it should not be competitive. TheraPlate UK are about the horse first and foremost.

What is the best thing about being a Theraplate Therapist?

Being part of a community with the other TheraPlate UK Therapists but maintaining individuality with my own business.

And just for fun…

If you could have any job, what would you do?

A crane driver. I LOVE cranes.

If you would like a treatment with Floss, please contact Yorkshire Equine Rehab today.

To find out more about how you can become a TheraPlate UK Therapist, please contact us for further information.

Phone: 0800 955 2016
Website: www.theraplateuk.com
Email: hello@theraplateuk.com

TheraPlate portable car
Meet The Team
TheraPlate supine human
Showjumper Lilly Aspell joins the Theraplate Revolution

Showjumper Lilly Aspell joins the Theraplate Revolution

Future show jumping talent, Lilly Aspell joins the Theraplate revolution as one of our recent Brand Ambassadors after trying the theraplate at the TheraPlate UK Liverpool International Horse Show.

Lilly can regularly be seen on the pony show jumping circuit with her ponies Pepper and Lord. Already with a qualifying ticket for the Royal International at Hickstead, 2019 promises to be an even bigger year for Team Aspell.

At just 11 years old, Lilly keeps busy by combining her interests in acting and showjumping. Lilly was always destined to be a fantastic rider with both of her parents being professional jockeys, Lilly followed in their footsteps and completed her first hunter trial before she could walk!

After being scouted, Lilly’s acting career took off as she played Young Diana in the legendary film, Wonder Woman. 2019 looks set to be a fantastic year for Lilly and her ponies as she continues to go from strength to strength. The addition of a Theraplate to her yard has also proved highly valuable. We can’t wait to follow the success of Team Aspell!

Getting To Know “Bonecrusher”

Getting To Know “Bonecrusher”

It’s tough being at the top, but that’s right where Marc Diakiese AKA “Bonecrusher” intends to stay with his epic fight night on Saturday 16th March looming.

Find out a bit more about “Bonecrusher” as we catch up with him:

How did you first get into UFC fighting?

I walked into a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) gym one day and there was no turning back. I was curious to see what else I could do and began training and learning the basics. A few years later, once I discovered Mixed Martial Arts(MMA), I couldn’t believe how much I was missing out on and was hooked, I wanted to learn it all and be the best. I made my UFC debut 3 years ago in 2016.

How many hours a week do you train?

I usually train 25-30 hours per week

How do you use the Theraplate in your training sessions?

After a long days training, often consisting of 2/3 hard sessions, I use the Theraplate. I just follow the protocol on the app on my phone for Post Exercise, it’s so easy!

What’s your favourite quote/words to live by?

“Grind” “The best has yet to come” “Keep the faith and never lose your perseverance”

What’s your 2019 goals?

In terms of competition, I want to win fights obviously but to do this I also want to also keep a good headspace and make every day count.

The Theraplate can be used by athletes of all shapes and sizes. Get in touch with us today to find out more about the Theraplate.

Getting To Know "Bonecrusher"
Introducing Champion UFC Fighter Marc “Bonecrusher” Diakiese

Introducing Champion UFC Fighter Marc “Bonecrusher” Diakiese

Marc “Bonecrusher” Diakiese is a highly successful UFC fighter and our newest ambassador.

Marc trains and competes to an extremely high level, meaning that his body needs to be warmed up, cooled down and recovered perfectly to ensure he gets the most out of every training session to prepare him for his next big fight. Find out a bit more about this ultimate athlete below.

Marc “Bonecrusher” Diakiese was born on the 16th of March 1993 in The Democratic Republic of the Congo. He moved to the UK at the tender age of 12 years old. Starting in 2010, Diakiese gained momentum on the amateur fighting scene.

Soon he fought his way to 3 British amateur titles. In 2014, he began his professional career joining the BAMMA organization after winning his first four professional fights . Bonecrusher moved to having an undefeated professional record of 9-0, successfully defending his BAMMA Lonsdale British Lightweight Championship title twice before being scouted by the UFC. Diakiese made his UFC debut on 8 October 2016 at UFC 204 winning by TKO. He now holds a professional record of 12-3.

Marc uses his Theraplate every day for warm ups, cool downs, taking his Theraplate with him to every fight. The Theraplate can be used by everyone, professionals and amateurs alike.

We look forward to working more closely with Marc leading up to each fight and are proud to have him join the Theraplate revolution.

Introducing Champion UFC Fighter Marc "Bonecrusher"
Chinese Equestrian Star Alex Hua Tian Joins the Revolution!

Chinese Equestrian Star Alex Hua Tian Joins the Revolution!

Alex Hua Tian is a talented event rider representing China. With some already impressive stats, he continues to make his mark on the equestrian sport.

Alex is the youngest ever eventer to compete at an Olympic games and is also China’s first equestrian Olympian ever. Regularly seen at the most prestigious events across Europe, Alex is also an Ambassador for the Asian Games and won the Rising Star Award from Federation Equestre Internationale (FEI) in 2009.

Alex shares his equestrian base in Cheshire with partner Sarah Higgins (who you might recognise from one of our previous posts!)

With an exciting string of horses for 2019, Alex has his sights set high and we can’t wait to support Alex and his horses and wish them good luck for the upcoming season!

Chinese Equestrian Star Alex Hua Tian
Chinese Equestrian Star Alex Hua Tian Joins the Revolution!
Meet the Team: Rachel Smith

Meet the Team: Rachel Smith

Organising the logistics of the business is a tall order and one which we have entrusted to Rachel Smith.

You may have already ‘met’ Rachel over email or telephone if you have contacted us before as she is based in our Head Office.

Due to it’s unique, patented technology, each Theraplate is made to order in the USA, meaning that a lot of organisation is needed from when it is ordered to the delivery of the new Theraplate. We deliver Theraplates all over the UK, that’s a lot of miles! Having a Logistics Manager as organised as Rachel is vital to making sure our clients receive their Theraplates as soon as possible.

With over 8 years of PA experience, she is the best person to keep on top of the logistics, orders and anything and everything else! Previously, Rachel has worked in private hospitals and in the health care industry. Rachel joined us in 2018 and has been fantastic at helping us keep on top of the general running of the business.

In her free time, Rachel is mainly occupied by her 1-year old daughter, Felicity and life as a Military Wife.

Fun Fact: The Archbishop of Canterbury had to grant Rachel her marriage licence and she had a Guard of Honour at her wedding!

To contact Rachel, please call 0800 955 2016 or email hello@theraplateuk.com

Meet the Team Rachel Smith
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